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Create a Sozi Presentation

Install Sozi and create a presentation.

Note: Sozi was designed to run under Linux. It requires both Inkscape and Python to run. Installing in Windows is fairly straightforward. Installing on OSX is less so. You need to install a bunch of software and do some command-line editing. You have been warned!

Once it's installed, however, it is really easy to create an interesting, dynamic presentation. Essentially, you designate sections of your document as the "frames" of the presentation. (Think slides on a traditional presentation.) The frames can be any size, and any orientation. Since you're working with a vector graphic, you can zoom in or out as much as you like. The only real difficult part of designing a Sozi presentation is planning out how it will flow.

Yes, Sozi is like Prezi. The main difference between the two is that with Sozi you own the work and don't have to subscribe to a service. It's also very web-friendly: the SVG file is web native and will play in every browser. (Like most things, some browsers handle things differently than others. I found Firefox to handle the SVG presentations less smoothly than Chrome, Chromium or Safari.) Here's a good article that compares Sozi with Prezi.

Here's a quick walkthrough on creating a presentation using Sozi:

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