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For this task, take an existing graphic and "remix" it. That's an easy way to quickly get productive with a program like Inkscape without getting overwhelmed.

If you need some tutorials or instructions on getting started, you can find some in Inkscape's "Help" menu. You can also check out some of the tutorials in the links below.

To get your source material for the remix, you can use any of a number of places, but a great place is OpenClipArt. All the clip art on OpenClipArt is licensed in the public domain and so is free to use, download, remix, etc. When you share your work (you will share your work, won't you?) on the same site, you can publish it as a remix of the original, so you can give some credit to your inspiration.

Suggestion for those who need inspiration: Create a graphic that illustrates one of the IB Learner Profile traits. Find a graphic that will appeal to a student (my example below was aimed at elementary) and remix it so that it represents one of the traits.

Here's a quick walkthrough of how to remix a graphic from OpenClipArt:

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