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Convert a Bitmap image

Being able to convert from a bitmap image (a photograph or other jpg/png/gif image) to a vector is a useful thing. Bitmap graphics have many uses, but vector graphics have some advantages. One main plus is being able to scale the graphic without it getting pixelated. (There are more advantages - if you're interested, check out this document.)

For this task, take an image - it could be a photograph or any jpg/png/gif file - and use Inkscape to create a vector graphic. You could use any photograph or graphic that you have on your computer ...but it might be easiest to start with a simple graphic. My suggestion (if you need inspiration) for a simple first task is to find a map of your home country or country of residence and create an outline map of it. You can then upload the result to OpenClipArt, where it can be freely used by anyone as clip art for their work or to remix into something new. You can find maps of countries in various locations - my favourite "go-to" site is Wikimedia Commons. Look for a map that's in the public domain so you can work freely.

If you need some tutorials or instructions on getting started, you can find some in Inkscape's "Help" menu. You can also check out some of the tutorials in the links below.

Here's a quick walkthrough of how to convert a bitmap to a vector graphic using Inkscape:

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